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    Since you visited our site, this means that you are:  

  • Looking for a kitten with a certain appearance and personality traits, 

  • Looking for a healthy kitten, that is vaccinated, de-wormed and most importantly - properly domesticated,   

  • Looking for a family member who will be with you through thick and thin for many years.

       Remember that: 

    "Acquiring a cat’s friendship is not easy. It does not channel its feelings’ recklessly: a cat may be your friend, if you are worthy, but never your slave."  
    Théophile Gauthier

    And if you think that you don’t need a cat with a ''paper'' (i.e. a pedigreed cat/pure-bred) - try adopting a homeless cat from an animal shelter. 

        We invite you to make reservation of kittens.   


  • Free - no one has booked the kitten   

  • Booked - paid a deposit for a kitten (200 euro) 

  • Observation - someone is interested in this cat, but did not pay a deposit, you can ask for a kitten.    

       Kittens cannot leave our house before the age of 12 weeks. They are healthy, vaccinated (twice) and de-wormed, fully independent, taught to be clean and to use scratching-posts, accustomed to human companionship.  

        A new owner of the cat will receive:   

  • a Purchase agreement;   

  • a record/certificate of the Pedigree;   

  • A health card with a set of performed vaccinations and dewormings-free;   

  • Information about diet and health;   

  • Layette for the baby for the first day in new home;   

  • On request, we can also chip the kitten.