Litter A

  • Born: 03.08.2011
  • Mother: IC Jadwisia Koty Agaty*Pl
  • Father: IC IL*Givhatol Jarl


Litter A counts three sweet kittens with deep blue eyes, great coat and amazing beauty. The kittens are healthy and growing fast. The boys will go to their new houses at the beginning of November. The girl stays with us.

Amber Marvel Eyes*PL

Amber- she is brave and the most curious from all kittens.

Alex Marvel Eyes*PL

Alex- he is the biggest one and the first of Jadwisia's baby. He had opened his eyes first. He is lerning very fast.

Albert Marvel Eyes*PL

Albert- the sweetest kitten in the whole world and beloved Amber's brother. They like to sleep and play together. He is a charming, sweet little angel with beautiful blue eyes.

Płeć Imię Colour Status
Catkin Amber Marvel Eyes*PL Rag n 04 21 Stay in cattery
Tomcat Alex Marvel Eyes*PL Rag a 04 21 He lives in Poznań
Tomcat Albert Marvel Eyes*PL Rag n 04 He lives in Płock