Our cattery is registered with the Cat Club Bydgoszcz, which in turn belongs to the federation Felis Polonia, that is a member of the world's largest organization of cat lovers and breeders of pedigree cats FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline). We have received the name Marvel Eyes *Pl from FIFe. The decision to buy the cat was taken several months ago. We liked ragdolls from the very beginning, so we had no problem with the choice of breed. The problem was with the choice of the appropriate individual. A few months spent on web browsing, and on viewing of hundreds of photos and sending e-mails eventually paid off. We went to the website of Mrs. Bozena Wolak and Mr. Victor Wolak - there we saw Jadwisia’s pictures.  

       To get our first and only ragdoll we drove to Jawor’s ‘’Koty Agaty *PL’’ cattery on 20 January 2010. It was a huge event for us. With hearts throbbing, we were awaiting the moment this beautiful cat enters our home. During the journey, we almost received a speeding ticket :) This little fluffy white girl from the first moments won our hearts and fulfilled our dreams of a cat with its gentle nature and incredible look. Her blue eyes and beautiful lynx feet fell in love with our whole family. Time passed quickly ... so we started preparing for the first exhibition - which of course resulted with huge emotions. Jadwisia made her debut on 21.08.2010r. in Olsztyn at the XV International Cat Show in a junior class and received her first Ex1. On the next exhibitions she won certificates for a Champion title and for an International Champion title and also 1st certificate for a Grand International Champion title. Now we are looking forward to have the first kittens.   

   Our cattery is and always will be a small home cattery and our kitty (and in the future, other cats) make us a happy family:) Jadźka or Jadziunia – as we call her - sleeps with us, accompanies us at every step and cheers us up. Just look at those blue eyes: and all the sorrows gone away.